İTÜ Mechanical Engineering is 70 Years Old
Dec 20, 2014

İTÜ with  241 years of its past, is the heart of projects which contributed to science, society and to technological developments. Being a pinoeer through its rooted-past, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has brought up numerous qualified researchers, experts, innovators, competitive, social, prestigious and leader engineers. As being one of the symbol faculties of İTÜ,  Mechanical Faculty celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Within pageant which took place on Wednedsday, December 10, 2014, alumnis, students, academic staff were brought close together.  

Makina 70. Yil

Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Aydin_Makina_70.Yil

Prof. Dr. Alaittin Arpaci_Makina-70.Yil

Süleyman Karaman_Makina 70. Yil