Technological SMEs Globalize with İTÜ GATE
Dec 22, 2014

İTÜ ARI Teknokent's newest programme  “İTÜ “GATE Start-Up Challenge” gives a big opportunity to the technology companies whose vision is greater then the scale and which have been recently established. This year 8 companies were selected among 17 candidates companies within ecosystem of İTÜ ARI Teknokent, set out on an international business development journey which will start in Chicago and continue in San Francisco. The process which will begin on January 12, 2015 will last for a month.  The companies will find opportunity to negotiate for business partnership and globalize their technologies.

The first participants of İTÜ GATE Start-Up Challenge Programme that furnishes occasions like expanding into international networks, meeting foreigner investors, training and startups, support of overseas business development, who will go to USA, were announced. Within the scope of İTÜ ARI Teknokent’s ecosystem, the companies “BODRU, BORDA, INGENIOUS, INVENT, NANOKOMP, RASYONET, SBS ve SENTROMER” that made a rapid technological and economical progress, were selected among 17 candidate companies and gained right to go to USA.

World’s leading investment bases

The companies selected for İTÜ GATE Start-Up Challenge Programme, will carry out their business development activities in a modern work enviroment provided by İTÜ ARI Teknokent in Chicago 1871 as being one of the most important bases of investement and in Parisoma in San Francisco. The companies  which will take the opportunity to negociate with investors from January 12, 2015, in Chicago and from January 24, 2015 in San Francisco, will hold meetings devoted to overseas business development. “Presentation Days” will take place on January 19, 2015 in Chicago 187 and on February 15, 2015 in Parisoma in San Francisco. In these two centers, regarded as the world’s leading investment bases and being home to a lot of success stories of investment, the companies will  gain an unique experience by having an opportunity to be in the same work enviroment with international investors.