İTÜ Mobile Is Online
Jan 23, 2015

İTÜ introduced Turkey’s most advanced university mobile application. “İTÜ Mobile”, which figures among the few instances of university mobile applications worldwide, will allow all İTÜ members to perform many tasks they need in daily life with a few keystrokes. Lots of information from online campus tour to library database access, from emergency help call with panic button to viewing cafeteria menu, from learning the positions of ring buses within campus to listening to İTÜ Radio will be easily reached.

İTÜ’s mobile application has been redesigned and put into service on Android and iOS platforms by İTÜ IT Center (İTÜ BİDB). All stages relating to both design and technological infrastructure of the application have been conducted within İTÜ IT Center and it has become Turkey’s most advanced university mobile application while entering among the few instances worldwide due to its features. During İTÜ Mobile’s design, the needs of and feedback from users at İTÜ, mainly the students, have been considered. Content has been planned in order to meet the requests of outside users and also those who would like to be acquainted with the university.


Panic Button

The most notable application in İTÜ Mobile is the Panic Button. With this feature, İTÜ members will be able to leave an emergency help call at İTÜ Security Center that is on duty 7/24 whenever they need help about their health or security on campuses. When an emergency call is made over İTÜ Mobile, the person’s position information will be sent to the center instantaneously, allowing the support teams to respond to the help call faster. Calls from outside campus or from other campuses will not be accepted within the scope of this service that is put into use on İTÜ Ayazağa Campus as a pilot. Later on, as part of application upgrades, it is planned to put this service into use on all İTÜ campuses.



Virtual campus tours

The application contains campus maps, too. It will be possible to make filtered searches on maps for seminar rooms, dormitories, shops or administrative units. By virtue of this, points belonging to the desired category or buildings on campus will be easily viewed. With the help of the campus tour feature, virtual tour will be made with GPS supported instant position information. During the virtual tour, information about bus stop points will also be reached.

İTÜ Radio is now mobile

Broadcast of İTÜ Radio, that is our country’s first university radio and one of the most-listened-to radios over the internet, can also be listened to online over İTÜ Mobile. While İTÜ Radio’s three channels that broadcast Classical, Jazz-Blues and Rock can be reached, the design made for the application’s radio feature makes its visualization pleasant. Album and album cover information for the piece on air can be viewed on the screen.


What’s in İTÜ Mobile?

  • Campus maps; information on faculties and institutes, social areas, sports facilites, dining locations and other units and buildings on campus
  • Emergency help call aimed at health and security inside İTÜ with Emergency Help button
  • On-campus ring bus schedule and instant vehicle position information
  • Campus presentation tours
  • İTÜ Radio live broadcast (Classical, Jazz-Blues, Rock)
  • Fast access to library database. Performing book reservation and renewal operations with library mobile web application integration
  • Personal access to courses, homeworks and announcements with Ninova integration
  • Viewing İTÜ Campus Card remainder and İTÜ Cloud quota withİTÜ profile information
  • Access to latest news and announcements with link to İTÜ web page
  • Access to İTÜ Directory and fast search for contact numbers
  • Generation of help ticket about questions and problems
  • Daily cafeteria menu
  • Webmail link


New features will be added

It is intended to continually improve İTÜ Mobile, that has been released with its renewed interface and new features, with planned upgrades along with user feedback. It is planned to add to new versions many new features from course schedule viewing to sports facilities information. Some of the features to be in new versions are:

  • Viewing working hours and menus of campus dining locations
  • Viewing working hours of and general information on campus sports facilities
  • Undergraduate, graduate course lists and student course schedules
  • Course codes and descriptions
  • Building codes, explanations and map display

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