CD’s From İTÜ TMSC Bring Giant Voices Together
Mar 04, 2015

İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservatory (İTÜ TMSC) produced an archive series of 3 albums for the special occasion of the 40th year of its establishment. Many master artists came together for the CD’s that reflect Turkey’s geographical and cultural wealth and are a chronological summary of our music.

İTÜ TMSC produced 3 albums in Turkish Folk Music, Classical Turkish Music and Polyphonic Modal Music genres for the special occasion of the celebration of its 40th year. For the albums that brought master voices and İTÜ TMSC Orchestra together, a special repertoire that reflects Turkey’s and our music’s wealth was prepared.

Folk Songs from All Over in Pür Nida

Pür Nida in the TFM genre carries colours from all over the country with its folk songs nourished by Anatolia’s deep roots. For the album art directed by İTÜ TMSC Director Prof. Adnan Koç, 15 folk songs from different regions from Erzurum to Yozgat, from Kırıkkale to Kütahya were selected. The songs were sung by Zara, Volkan Konak, Erol Parlak, Cem Doğan, Cengiz Özkan, Nursaç Doğanışık, Erdal Erzincan, Sevcan Orhan, Orhan Hakalmaz, Cumali Özkaya, Adile Kurt Karatepe, Celal Bakar, M. Salih İnan, Deniz Güneş and Fatma Şahin.

A Historical Journey with Meşk-i Safa

Classical Turkish Music album Meşk-i Safa was prepared with a rigorous selection made from the wealth of art music. The album that is art directed by Assist. Prof. Adnan Çoban and has a chronological repertoire, collects the most beautiful songs of Classical Turkish Music from past to present in a single CD. The songs were sung by Münip Utandı, Esma Başbuğ, Çiğdem Yarkın and Adnan Çoban.

Aşkname is Soon on Sale

Aşkname in the Polyphonic Modal Music genre is still being prepared for publication. Aşkname is art directed by İTÜ TMSC Musicology faculty member Assist. Prof. Atilla Coşkun Toksoy. Aşkname will soon be on sale as the third album of the series.

A Successful Beginning

Pür Nida and Meşk-i Safa were put on sale on shelves in shops and on digital platforms on 3 March. They can be reached on major digital platforms such as iTunes, TTNET Music, Turkcell Music, Deezer, Spotify.

Pür Nida, welcomed warmly from the moment of its being published, entered the list of top 10 most-listened-to albums on iTunes.