Mar 17, 2015

12 well-known names from business and social life came together in a flower design workshop for İTÜ Rectorate’s “Flowering Scholarships” campaign. Designs of charitable women who designed flowers for the first time were auctioned after the activity. The derived income will turn into scholarships for female students of İTÜ.

“Flowering Scholarships” campaign was organized on Monday, 16 March by İTÜ Rectorate in collaboration with Başarım Sensin (You Are My Success) Association. A flower design workshop was organized in İTÜ Ayazağa Campus with the participation of successful women from business, art, fashion and media worlds. Başarım Sensin Association’s Executive Board Member – A&D Art And Design Design and Furniture Owner Ahu Orakçıoğlu, Fashion Designer Arzu Kaprol, Journalist Balçiçek İlter, Vocal Artist and İTÜ Graduate Melihat Gülses, Capital Magazine Editor in Chief Sedef Seçkin Büyük, TÜRDEV Executive Board Chair – Gündüz Group Executive Board Vice-Chair İTÜ Graduate Ruken Mızraklı, Kütahya Ceramic Executive Board Chair Sema Güral Sürmeli, Fashion Designer Gizem Turan, Designer Gönül Paksoy, Painter – Designer Souadad Al-Sigab Kandemir, Designer Nida Bulut and İdil Fırat joined the workshop.

İTÜ Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca opened the activity and thanked for the sensitivity shown. Afterwards, İTÜ Advisor to the Rector – Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design Faculty Member Prof. Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu, who undertook the instruction in the workshop, first informed the participants about flowers and flower design. Sadıkoğlu, who noted that flower design is a very old and deep-rooted field, mentioned that it appeared in different cultures in different ways. After Sadıkoğlu, who introduced the flowers to be used in the workshop, gave the basic information, the participants chose the flowers they liked from the colourful vases. Women guests, who made their own designs with great enthusiasm and care, sometimes got Sadıkoğlu’s help.

Many well-known names from social life attended the cocktail party given at the end of the workshop that had pleasant moments. Our Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca presented thank you certificates to the workshop participants and the sponsoring institutions on behalf of İTÜ. Karaca underlined that they value İTÜ’s taking part in social responsibility projects, and work in which women play a leading role is especially important and thanked everybody who gave their support. The guests shared the pleasure of attending such a meaningful event hosted by İTÜ, mentioned the pride they felt because of the possession of this vision and being able to do joint work.

Başarım Sensin Association President Şule Argüder presented thank you plaques to all the participants and our Rector on behalf of the association. Argüder said, “We are very happy to realize this project together with İTÜ. Thank you all for your charity and support. Your kindness will be rewarded.”

The event ended with the sale of the flowers by the famous auctioneer Uğur Batur. The derived income will be transferred to female students of İTÜ under the roof of Başarım Sensin Association as scholarship.

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