Panel Discussion on Commemoration and Ways of Memorialization in Turkey
Mar 20, 2015

A panel discussion titled “Commemoration and Ways of Memorialization in Turkey” was organized by our Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Center within the context of the 100. Year of Çanakkale Victory. The outcomes of the research “Spatial Representation of Time: Commemoration, Ways of Memorialization and Memorial Spaces” were shared during the event realized in Faculty of Architecture on Wednesday, 18 March 2015.

The panel discussion started with the opening speeches of the Director of Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Center Assoc. Prof. Hayriye Eşbah Tunçay and Dean of Faculty of Architecture Prof. Sinan Mert Şener.

Over 1.5 years of observations and experiences of the research project that aims to try to understand ways of commemoration and forms of memorialization in Turkey by means of Çanakkale and to reveal modern representations, design languages and alternative time perceptions in our country towards commemoration from an interdisciplinary perspective were conveyed to the participants through sociology, lanscape and design.

In the first session speeches, not having an integral theme in Gallipoli peninsula and copycat memorialization samples were criticized and comparisons were made with worldwide samples of social events that left a mark and memorializations. It was emphasized that memorial spaces should have designs that are inside life 365 days of the year and that address individuals and also it was underlined that lanscape should be used as a design element.

At session endings, artist Ayşe Gül Süter’s video installation and voice installation of students of İTÜ TMSC Department of Music Technologies, presented as a current way of commemoration attempt, drew a lot of attention from the participants.