Meteorological Engineering Briefing Room Opened
Mar 24, 2015

“Urban Meteorology Workshop” and the opening of “Meteorological Engineering Briefing Room” by İTÜ Meteorological Engineering Department took place within the context of 23 March World Meteorological Day.

“Urban Meteorology Workshop” attended by specialists and academicians working in the field of urban planning and meteorology started with Meteorological Engineer Çetin Gül’s bağlama (Turkish stringed musical instrument) concert. İTÜ Meteorological Engineering Department Chair Prof. Ahmet Duran Şahin made the opening speech of the workshop in which cities were considered from a meteorological standpoint. Şahin emphasized that meteorology is an interdisciplinary science and that joint studies especially with Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning Departments should be made and said, “Meteorology is a field of vital importance. Meteorology has an active role in many areas such as transportation, aviation, maritime for protection from natural disasters and conservation of water resources.”

‘Meteorology should not be considered separate from urban planning’

President of Chamber of Meteorological Engineers Fırat Çukurçayır expressed that meteorological science did not reach the position it deserves in the world and said, “Meteorology should be in all fields from infrastructure to superstructure in urban planning. In our country buildings are made for the sole purpose of accommodation. For that reason we are facing chronic problems in our cities. Sciences such as meteorology and environment progress in parallel with development of countries. Meteorology should be in the development plan, legislation and building codes.”

‘İstanbul is like a laboratory’

Our Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca emphasized that meteorological science pertains to almost every field and noted the necessity of the newly opened Briefing Room to meteorological engineering. Karaca said that with the briefing room, students will learn how to evaluate data and that they, as the Rectorate, will always give their support for the more active participation of meteorological science and meteorological engineers in the sector. Karaca pointed that climate and meteorological science retained its importance throughout the ages and said, “Thousands of years ago people led nomadic lives because of climate changes. Today we live as sedentary societies and we must adapt to climate changes. In fact İstanbul is the most important laboratory in urban climate researches.”

Prediction of weather events

After the opening speeches of the Urban Meteorology Workshop, Meteorological Engineering Briefing Room was opened. Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca and a student cut the opening ribbon. After the opening, Prof. Sibel Menteş made a short presentation giving information about the Briefing Room.

In İTÜ’s Meteorological Engineering Briefing Room that has a wall map of 13 screens showing layers of the atmosphere level by level, important weather events will be predicted. Meteorological support will be given to public and private institutions for the weather forecast of İstanbul and major city centers. The laboratory in which several maps can be interpreted simultaneously will provide visual aid to students in turning their theoretical knowledge into practice. Currently the maps in use are taken from international weather stations but soon weather forecast will be made over maps produced by İTÜ.