Microtonal Guitar Took Aşık Veysel to Singapore
Mar 26, 2015

İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservatory (İTÜ TMSC) Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Tolgahan Çoğulu took our master bard Aşık Veysel’s masterpiece Kara Toprak’s (Black Earth) melodies to Singapore.

Çoğulu took stage on 14 March in two separate concerts together with Singapore University Guitar Orchestra. Çoğulu, who made a great impact both in our country and abroad and won the Margaret Guthman Music Award with the microtonal guitar he designed, was the guest artist of the guitar orchestra in Singapore made up of 60 persons. In the concert where Çoğulu went on stage with his microtonal guitar, Aşık Veysel’s composition “Kara Toprak,” that is identified with his name, arranged by orchestra conductor Robert Casteels and Tolgahan Çoğulu jointly, met music lovers. In the concert listened to by about 400 people, Vivaldi’s “RV 93 Guitar Concerto” and Conductor Casteels’ solo composition “KHI” written for the microtonal guitar were performed.

Click to view the performance in which Aşık Veysel met guitar.