Our Academicians Went on Stage
Mar 27, 2015

Our academicians represented İTÜ in the intercompany music contest “From Office to Stage” organized for the 5. time this year. Group Rock'ademic Staff made up of Assoc. Prof. Elif Karaosmanoğlu, Assist. Prof. Derya Ahmet Kocabaş, Res. Assist. Fatih Küçüktezcan and Res. Assist. Aytuğ Font went on stage on the audition night in Garaj İstanbul. The group displayed a successful performance with 3 songs but failed to make the finals in sms voting.

Group members said, “We would like to thank all our faculty members and graduates who supported us by coming to the From Office to Stage contest or by buying tickets for our students even if they couldn’t come. We couldn’t enter the shortlist of 8 groups from among the 30 competing groups by a nose but next year we will definitely be in the finals. You can listen to our songs as a pleasant memory from the evening.”

Click to watch the contest performances 1. Song - 2. Song - 3. Song

Click to access Rock'ademic Staff's facebook page.