New Period Started in Mentorship by Graduates Program
Apr 10, 2015

Mentorship program executed about 3 years ago by İTÜ Alumni Association toward the orientation of students who entered İTÜ will be career-focused this year. Introductory meeting of the program in which graduate mentors and mentee students came together was held on Monday, 6 April 2015 in Ayazağa Campus.

Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca, İTÜ Alumni Association Executive Committee Chair Veli Tan Kirtiş, graduates, academicians and a large number of students who would like to meet and benefit from the experiences of graduates attended the meeting.

153 mentees, 51 mentors

İTÜ Alumni Association Executive Committee Member, 1987 İTÜ Department of Industrial Engineering Graduate Işık Deliorman Aydın said in her opening speech that they received 153 applications to the program started towards the business life and careers of students this year and that 51 graduates support the project. Aydın said that they will also get feedback on what mentees gain and what mentors observe and evaluate them after the meetings.

‘You are important for our university’s worldwide ranking’

Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca said that the main goal of the program is preparing students for life. Karaca emphasized the importance of the graduate portfolio of universities and expressed that the portfolio determines the international ranking of universities. Karaca said, “The stronger portfolio you have, the better positioned you are in the ranking. You will be guided by your mentors in the direction of your knowledge and skills. The better you are guided, the better places you will reach and upper you will take your university in the ranking.”

‘Let us contribute to your road map’

İTÜ Alumni Association Executive Committee Chair Veli Tan Kirtiş said that İTÜ Alumni Association is made up of graduates who were educated in these desks and are in various points of business life and İTÜ is the common value at the point reached. Kirtiş said, “We, the graduates, as individuals stand in business life also with our İTÜ identity” and spoke as follows:

“Dear Friends, you became the member of a program that will provide the greatest contribution to your university life. We know this, because we obtained these results when we executed the program 3 years ago. Fellow students asked me this question in one of my talks in the university: What would you do differently in your business life if you were in the university now? I answered them as follows: I would do some things a little differently if I knew when I was at your age that life is this long. Because in every age, one gets the feeling that everything should be hurried and that they have to do a lot of things in a very short time; but actually that is not so; life is too long, it has various phases such as family, development and career. Career: In fact it is the most essential one that has to be managed... If you set your medium-term goals correctly at the beginning it is possible to reach that point. Any wind is favorable to the sail that knows to which port it will go. This is the primary objective of the mentorship program. We will bring contribution and expansion to your road map by sharing our experiences with you.”

Mustafa Cansağlığı, President of the İstanbul Branch of Turkish-French Friendship Association, also spoke about the association’s activities on mentorship. QUATTRO Business Consulting Company Founder and Executive Committe Chair Hande Ocak Başev, who attended the program as a guest speaker, expressed her pleasure in participating in this formation in order to increase the quality of İTÜ graduates. Başev drew attention in her presentation to faulty practices that can occur in mentorship applications.

In the panel moderated by İTÜ Alumni Association Executive Committee Vice-Chair Hüseyin Cevahiroğlu, professionals who benefited from this program in the past as mentors and mentees came together and conveyed their experiences. The program concluded with a cocktail given by İTÜ Alumni Association.