İTÜRO’15 in which 800 Robots Competed Ended
Apr 13, 2015

İTÜ Robot Olympiads organized by İTÜ Control and Automation Club (OTOKON) for the 9th time this year concluded with the final held on Saturday, 11 April 2015.

İTÜ Robot Olympiads that continued for 3 days in İTÜ Ayazağa Campus Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center brought together students, academicians and industry representatives working in robotics field while hosting many panels, seminars and workshops.

800 robots competed in the Olympiads visited by thousands of people from various age groups. The competitions were held in 10 categories, namely, “Line Following, Basketball, Micro Sumo, Fire Fighting, Stair Climbing, Maze, Color Selecting, Self Balancing, Scenario and Innovative”.

Eray ranks high again

Little robot geniuses were the most interesting contestants of the Olympiads, like every year. 12 years old Eray Aktokluk, who previously became first in 6 competitions including İTÜ Robot Olympiads, competed in the 4 categories, maze, fire, basketball and color selecting with the three robots he designed. Eray won the first place in Maze and Fire Fighting categories, the second place in basketball category.

Click to view the categories and the holders of the first 3 places in the 9th İTÜRO.