93 Percent Success in Exhaust Project
Apr 27, 2015

The workshop of the project “Development of a New System to Cleanse Exhaust Filters of Diesel Engine Public Transport Vehicles in İstanbul” conducted jointly by İTÜ Prof. Adnan Tekin Material Sciences and Production Technologies Applied Research Center and İstanbul Electricity, Tunnel, Tram Enterprises (İETT) was held on Friday, 17 April at Faculty of Mines – İhsan Ketin Conference Hall.

The workshop organized under the title “Energy and Emission Control in İstanbul and Its Environs” was realized with the participation and presentations of Vice-Rector Mehmet Sabri Çelik, Bahçelievler Governor Mehmet Ali Özyiğit, İETT Transport Technologies Division Head Recep Kadiroğlu, İETT Technology Development Director Ensar Kızılaslan, Otobüs A.Ş. General Manager Abdullah Yasir Şahin, İTÜ Department of Meteorology Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Toros, Hexagon Studio Engine Design Engineer Furkan Kelasovalı, İSTEEK Project Consultant Mustafa Yıldırır and İSTEEK Project Supervisor Prof. Cüneyt Arslan.

In the technical presentations by İSTEEK Project Supervisor Prof. Cüneyt Arslan and İSTEEK Project Consultant Mustafa Yıldırır, data obtained by and the results of the studies made were shared by the participants. It is conveyed that the work that aims to remove contaminants from exhaust systems and filters achieved 93 % success as a result of the project outcomes.

The workshop concluded with the presentation of sapling certificates to participants and a family photo.