Colors of Dance were in İTÜ
May 01, 2015

“World Dance Day” celebration program traditionalized by İTÜ Conservatory again witnessed colorful scenes. The program that brings together different cultures in the same hall through dance and music gave the audience the chance to view an unforgettable stage show like every year.

“9. Dance with the World” program prepared by İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservatory (TMSC) Department of Turkish Folk Dances within the context of “33. World Dance Day” was presented in Mustafa Kemal Amphitheater on the evening of Wednesday, 29 April. The show had an additional meaning as it was dedicated to Halil Özçelik, one of the students of the Department of Turkish Folk Dances, who is struggling with a severe disease.

Touching dance

The dance with the theme “Love” prepared by the guest of the event, Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV), was staged by children. The show that both touched the audience and filled them with pride received a standing ovation.

The shows started with Qaval Raksı (Tambourine Dance) and continued with Kadıoğlu Zeybek, Flamenco Farruca, Halay, Domaniç Region Traditional Dances, Sleeping Beauty Ballet Bluebird Dance, Bursa Sword-Shield, Tango, Hançer Barı, Zenne, Theatrical Play and Dream. The visual feast ended with Horon, which the audience accompanied from their seats.

‘Distinct beauties, distinct esthetic values’

İTÜ TMSC and Department of Turkish Folk Dances Founder Prof. Fikret Değerli, who went on stage at the end of the evening said, “The distinct dances, distinct performances, distinct beauties I watched here tonight excited me. I believe that the language of the body, the beauty of the body is one of the values of the human life, of the social life. These beauties keep human beings alive. Distinct atmospheres, distinct beauties, distinct arts, distinct esthetic values displayed here by our youth made me extremely happy. I heartily thank in your presence everybody who put their efforts, especially our department chair who prepared this surprise.”

The event concluded with the halay danced together on the stage by Turkish Folk Dances Department Chair Nihal Cömert Ötken, Department Vice-Chairs, students and the audience.

Click for photographs from the evening.