İTÜ’s Visit to Galatasaray High School
May 03, 2015

Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca and graduates Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Fatih İşbecer visited the historical education home Galatasaray High School. Karaca answered the students’ questions and said, “When an engineer is recruited it is considered whether they are an İTÜ graduate. The Technical University has a distinct atmosphere and culture.”

High school visits organized by İTÜ Publicity Coordination Office continued with Galatasaray High School, one of our country’s well-established and successful institutions. During the visit on Wednesday, 29 April, Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca was accompanied by two successful graduates of İTÜ from different generations, Architect Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Technological Entrepreneur Fatih İşbecer. Our Rector and graduates who conversed with the students answered the teenagers’ questions about the technical university as well as their individual career goals.

‘İTÜ teaches not being one-dimensional’

Rector Karaca emphasized that it is very important to study engineering in an established technical school such as İTÜ and said, “When an engineer is recruited it is considered whether they are an İTÜ graduate. Because the Technical University teaches its students not being one-dimensional. In İTÜ, you learn mathematics, physics, materials, computer coding very well; in short, you learn engineering. The Technical University has a distinct atmosphere and culture, it has many research and laboratory facilities.” The Rector gave the students information about İTÜ.

‘An engineer is solution-oriented’

Karaca answered a student’s question “What do you think about employees at high level managerial and CEO positions in various sectors being mostly engineering graduates?” as follows:

“Engineering education is important in gaining features such as analytical thinking, acquiring different points of view, forming cause and effect relationship, being open to creative and innovative ideas. The sector always seeks those who can produce fast solutions, are skilled and have different points of view. Being solution-oriented is in the nature of engineering. The sector has nice examples of that. For example, the former Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Şahin is a graduate of İTÜ Chemical Engineering, Teknosa’s General Manager Bülent Gürcan and Microsoft Turkey’s General Manager Hasan Tamer Özmen are graduates of İTÜ Civil Engineering. There are many examples such as these in every field and every sector.”

Support for entrepreneurship

Karaca underlined that İTÜ is a university that has established well university-industry collaboration and gave the information, “There is a big techno-park in our campus. Students of İTÜ have the opportunity of finding work without getting out of the campus as soon as they graduate. İTÜ Seed program supports with fine awards fellows who have an idea and want to engage in entrepreneurship.” Karaca mentioned ABET accreditation and said:

“When you choose your university definitely enquire about their ABET programs. ABET means the equivalence of your diploma with America, its validity abroad. It is a major criteria for universities across the world. İTÜ currently has the largest number of accreditations. Even our School of Foreign Languages has ABET accreditation. I would say think again if the university and the department you choose does not have ABET. We are also the university receiving the largest number of students with Erasmus exchange program. The atmosphere that creates in our university is very valuable.”

Karaca said that studying in university in İstanbul has its difficulties as well as its advantages, spoke about İTÜ’s campus, dormitory, scholarship, research and laboratory facilities and invited students who are curious about İTÜ and would like to tour it.

‘The distinction of studying architecture in İTÜ’

Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu who graduated from İTÜ’s Department of Architecture after Galatasaray High School talked about what her education in İTÜ gave her. Tabanlıoğlu who gives pride to İTÜ with her many successful projects at national and international levels and her signatures in many well-known buildings such as İstanbul Modern, Kanyon Mall, İstanbul Sapphire, İstanbul ACC, said that the background provided by receiving her architecture education in İTÜ brought her lots of advantages in business life. Tabanlıoğlu pointed that she gained her free thinking, creativeness and innovativeness in İTÜ and guided students with examples from her business life.

‘İTÜ taught me analytical thinking’

Fatih İşbecer who graduated from Galatasaray High School and later from İTÜ’s Department of Physics Engineering said that İTÜ first of all gave him the skill of thinking analytically. İşbecer who talked about his work as technological entrepreneur and the successes he achieved emphasized the advantages he experienced in business life due to the skills İTÜ gave him. İşbecer told the teenagers about the distinction of İTÜ and belonging to İTÜ.