Another Turkey Championship in American Football
May 04, 2015

İTÜ won the American Football Turkey Championship twice in a row.

Ünilig Protected Football Super League’s final match was played on Sunday, 3 May in Samsun. At the end of the match in which İTÜ American Football Team “İTÜ Hornets” and Eskişehir Anadolu University’s American Football Team “Anadolu Rangers” played against each other, it was İTÜ who won the cup.

Anadolu Rangers finished the first half of the highly competitive and tough match ahead with a disparate score of 24-14. İTÜ who struggled hard until the end caught up at the second half. İTÜ Hornets obtained superiority in the game at the last minute of the fourth quarter, turned the position they seized at the end of a pressing attack into a point and won the match 28-27.

İTÜ Hornets had played against ODTÜ in last year’s final match and won the Turkey Cup.
We congratulate our players and our trainer and everyone who had a hand in the success.