Nuclear Education Collaboration with Russia
May 04, 2015

İTÜ collaborates with NRNU-MEPhI, Russian Federation’s foremost university in the field of nuclear research.

The collaboration agreement between İTÜ and Russian National Research Nuclear University – Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (NRNU-MEPhI) was signed at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca and NRNU-MEPhI Rector Prof. Mikhail N. Strikhanov and officiary from both universities and Ministry representatives attended the signature ceremony.

Graduate support

Rector Karaca expressed that through this collaboration, there will be joint studies between İTÜ Institute of Energy and NRNU-MEPhI in research and graduate education and said that various collaborations such as exchange of academicians, exchange of graduate students during the thesis dissertation stage and joint publications can be organized.

İTÜ Institute of Energy Director Prof. Altuğ Şişman said that the agreement was structured as a result of lengthy discussions in order to provide the maximum mutual benefit. He expressed that İTÜ Institute of Energy will soon host NRNU-MEPhI faculty members and start a joint graduate program in the nuclear field and hence will create a bridge for joint research.