New R&D Step from İTÜ in Aeronautics
May 11, 2015

An R&D contract was signed by İTÜ and Safran Group within the context of the International Defense Industry Fair - IDEF’15. Undersecretary for Defense Industries Dr. İsmail Demir, İTÜ Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca and Safran Group R&D Director Eric Bachelet attended the signature ceremony. With this contract, Safran Group made its first university-industry collaboration in Turkey with İTÜ.

Great opportunity for students

İTÜ and Safran will conduct studies for the development of ceramic matrix composite material to be used in next generation aircraft engines. R&D studies for improving the properties of ceramic matrix composites serving in high temperature environment will have a duration of 2 years. During the project, studies will be conducted in which researchers from various disciplines as well as students will participate.

Environment friendly aeronautics

The project aims at achieving multi-functionality by incorporating nano-architectures into the structure of existing composites. Contribution to a fuel-efficient and environment friendly air transportation is targeted by the use of composite materials that are sought after because of their lightness as well as their mechanical and thermal resistance.