Environmental Cleanup from Green Campus İTÜ’s Students
May 26, 2015

Our students who gathered with the slogan “Hand in Hand for a Cleaner İTÜ” gave support to the Green Campus İTÜ project and did a cleaning in Ayazağa Campus.

The campaign organized with the collaboration of Construction and Technical Affairs Office was open to participation of all İTÜ members who considered environmental cleanliness and protecting nature a priority. İTÜ members came together on Sunday, 24 May 2015 and met in the common denominator that owning one’s own waste is the responsibility of every environment-conscious person.

The activity started in front of the Central Classroom Building and continued in the festival area and the front of the guest house. Our students and employees working in groups of 10 collected recyclable wastes, everyday wastes and cigarette butts.

Everyday waste and cigarette butts were put into garbage bags while recyclable wastes such as pet, plastic, paper, cloth, wood, iron, cardboard and aluminum were collected in recycling bags.

İTÜ members shared the joy of contributing to the campus and the environment and emphasized that environment-consciousness can be shown with small changes in behavior and that everybody should feel this responsibility.