İTÜ’s Vigorous Rise Continues
Jun 12, 2015

İTÜ’s vigorous and steady rise in world rankings continues. According to 2014-2015 results, İTÜ rose to the 19. place among Asia’s best universities.

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking, which is one of the world’s most prestigious academic rankings, released “Asia University Rankings 2014-2015 Report”. İTÜ had improved its 38. place in 2013 to the 24. place last year. This year it moved up 5 places to take the 19. place.

The highest score is for citations

THE ranked universities according to data in the 5 categories “teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income”. İTÜ received the highest score for citations and this score was followed by industry income, international outlook, research and teaching, in decreasing order.

While 3 universities from Turkey took place in the first 20 in Asia’s best universities ranking, METU and Boğaziçi also represented our country together with İTÜ.

Rector: ‘Our goal is advancing on firm foundations’

Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca pointed out that world university ranking results carried meaning from various viewpoints and expressed that they cared about the results for the new doors to be opened to our students and academicians besides strengthening İTÜ’s prestigious position worldwide. Karaca said that İTÜ has a well-established academic tradition and that it has to take steps not for the present but for the future and made the following remark:

“İTÜ is a research university, the university of firsts. Our priority is always academic and scientific development. When we look, we see İTÜ’s name invariably in all the university rankings. The world is now moving toward specialization universities and in this sense, İTÜ is showing its distinction in engineering education both in Turkey and on a global scale. We placed in our 250. year goals being always among the best 10 in our continent and the best 50 across the world. It is pleasing to see that we are approaching that goal with correct strategies and that we are attaining the positive outcomes of our efforts. We are aiming at a steady rise on firm foundations not enormous leaps. It is such a progress which is meaningful for an academic institution. Keeping your position and staying among the best is as difficult as rising is. We are endeavoring to form the infrastructure to achieve this.”

Karaca expressed that it is proud to have 3 universities in the first 20 and 6 universities in the first 50 in university rankings and said, “I would like to congratulate all our universities that achieved being among the best. The more universities from our country in this and similar prestigious rankings, the prouder we are.”