Time Spoke through Flowers
Jun 16, 2015

The camera used in Turkey’s first tv broadcast, the microphone of the first university radio from 70 years ago, the first electronic brain and tens of other historical objects met Yunus Karma’s flower designs and is being exhibited in İTÜ RAG until 18 June.

İTÜ, one of the world’s oldest technical universities with its history of 242 years, is hosting a unique exhibition which will unite its countless historical objects with flower designs.
Around 200 objects have been picked and chosen during 1 year from İTÜ’s faculties for the exhibition. Near 100 historical pieces chosen from those objects were brought together with flower designs and are being exhibited since 14 May.

Among the objects that are exhibited there are very important pieces that bring the past to the present such as the camera used in İTÜ Tv where Turkey’s first television broadcast was made; the microphone used in the first broadcasts of İTÜ Radio, Turkey’s first university radio, celebrating its 70. birthday this year; Turkey’s first electronic brain made in İTÜ. Designer Yunus Karma, one of the major representatives of this field, made the flower designs that unite with the objects.
The exhibition is open to art lovers’ visit every day of the week between 8:00-20:00.