We lost Süleyman Demirel
Jun 17, 2015

9. President and Distinguished Graduate of İstanbul Technical University, Engineer M.Sc. Dr. Süleyman Demirel passed away on Wednesday, 17 June 2015.

Honorable Demirel, who knew Anatolia’s culture and needs, who actualized our country’s great projects by uniting engineering education and İTÜ discipline with the love for Anatolia, the smiling face and symbol name of politics with his black felt hat, devoted his life to serving our country as a statesman and politician.

Our İTÜ Foundation and İTÜ Development Foundation Board of Trustees Honorary Member, İTÜ Honorary Doctorate and İTÜ Meritorious Service Medal owner 9. President’s great contribution and the values he gave to our university will always be living with us.We commemorate his beloved memory with respect, love, gratitude and mercy and wish to express our condolences to our Country, our University and Demirel Family.

He was born in İslamköy of Atabey town of Isparta.

He went to primary school in the village he was born in, he studied in middle and high school in Isparta and Afyon.

He graduated from Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1949 with the title of Engineer M.Sc.

He united his love for Anatolia he brought from his childhood with the discipline and superior education he gained in İTÜ.

He was project engineer in Seyhan Dam.

He served as the General Director of State Hydraulic Works.

He became Turkish political history’s name who formed most governments by serving as prime minister in 7 governments.

He ascended to Çankaya Palace as Turkish Republic’s 9. President.

He procured the assignment of İTÜ’s central campus Ayazağa’s territory, he restored our historical buildings in Gümüşsuyu, Maçka and Taşkışla to our university.

He recieved İTÜ Honorary Doctorate in 1992, İTÜ Golden Bee Award in 1997 and 2000, İTÜ Meritorious Service Medal in 2004.

He put his signature on great investments and projects that founded the country’s future, primarily Bosporus Bridge, Ereğli Iron Steel Enterprises, Keban Dam, Atatürk Dam.

He was always smiling, always humorous, always with the felt hat...

What our 9. President, our distinguished graduate, who always carried İTÜ love, İTÜ Foundation and İTÜ Development Foundation Board of Trustees Honorary Member Süleyman Demirel gave to our country and our university will continue living with his memory...

“I came from places where there are ears that dry before ripening. Those ears dried because there was no water. Our struggle was the struggle of the moor with the green. We had to turn the moor to green. This was our struggle when we graduated from İstanbul Technical University and entered into civil service...”

“Belonging to İTÜ means an opportunity for me. We were pleased of, proud of belonging to İTÜ. And we said ‘glad we belong to İTÜ’. This does not disturb anybody. We say it for ourselves. This is not an attitude that belittles anybody. This is our attitude, for us.”
“İTÜ gave direction to my lifestyle. It is a disciplined life, an open mind, a realistic thinking direction and a judgment that goes from cause to result. Such a lifestyle was possible through the values education gives. Education impelled me to modern life and to Cartesian thought.”

“The young should first learn their professions well. This cannot be compromised. Engineering profession does not have demagogy. If you did not learn well, you can’t pretend as if you learned. If you learned well, you should also have made a habit of working with discipline. And success is the goal they can’t give up. Both the students and the grown-ups. Success belongs to those who aspire to it.”

Photographs: İTÜ Institutional Archive, Cem Talu (www.cemtalu.com)
Interview excerpts: NTV, Mühendisname Journal (39. Issue)