3rd of TMSC 40th Year Albums Released
Jun 27, 2015

İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservatory (İTÜ TMSC), released the 3rd CD of the special archive series it prepared for the 40th year of its establishment under the name “Aşkname”. The proceeds to be obtained from the sales of the album that presents an important selection from the 20th century Turkish Music will be used as a resource of scholarship for İTÜ students just like the other 2 CD’s.

Searches, experiments, original works

“Aşkname”, the 3rd CD of İTÜ TMSC’s 40. Year Album series, took its place in music markets with Uzelli Plak tag. In the album art directed by Assoc. Prof. Atilla Coşkun Toksoy, there are 10 pieces belonging to valuable composers who left their mark in the colorful and lively music life of the 20th century. Samples from this period, in which searches, experiments and original works in Turkish Modal Music were brought forth, reaches music lovers through a rigorous selection with an interpretation that embraces today’s music perception as well.

Support for both art and education

İTÜ Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca expressed that İTÜ TMSC 40. Year Albums are an occasion for pride and said, “This work for which we take inspiration from the timelessness and universality of art is the addition of another one to the countless values İTÜ produced in its established history of 242 years. These albums that reflect the diverse colors of our rich music nourished by an established cultural heritage are a great pride and pleasure for the Technical University Family.” Karaca expressed that transferring the proceeds of the albums to students as scholarship makes the work still more meaningful and said, “It is a powerful project that will provide support to both art and education. Its addressing different music tastes enlarges the mass we reach.” Karaca said that our country’s first Turkish Music Conservatory İTÜ TMSC is the unique and strongest bridge that unites tradition to the future in bringing forth “new and original” works in today’s ever-changing and developing cultural environment and bringing up future artists with its scientific-modern education.

Melodies from all over Turkey

For İTÜ TMSC 40. Year Albums, a special repertoire that reflects Turkey’s and our music’s wealth was prepared. The first album was released in the TFM genre under the name “Pür Nida”. The album carries colors from all over the country with its folk songs nourished by Anatolia’s deep roots. For the album art directed by İTÜ TMSC Director Prof. Adnan Koç, 15 folk songs from different regions from Erzurum to Yozgat, from Kırıkkale to Kütahya were selected.
The second album was released in the Classical Turkish Music genre under the name “Meşk-i Safa”. The album that is art directed by Assist. Prof. Adnan Çoban and that has a chronological repertoire, collects the most beautiful songs of Classical Turkish Music from past to present in a single CD.