İTÜ Promotion Days 2015
Jun 27, 2015

“İTÜ Promotion Days” will take place between 1 – 7 July 2015. Ayazağa Campus will host the activity that will welcome thousands of students who have İTÜ as their dreams.

During the İTÜ Promotion Days that will continue for one week, introduction desks will be set up for all departments of İTÜ. Department faculty members will give consultancy in order to answer the candidate students’ questions and contribute to their planning their future properly. İTÜ students will participate actively during the week alongside faculty members. İTÜ students will both give information about their departments and answer the candidates’ questions regarding university life. Candidates will be able to receive information about the facilities offered in İTÜ through introduction stands of Dormitories and Scholarship Office, Erasmus Office, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, İTÜ Seed, Sports Coordination Office, Library as well as the departments.

Names who became brands through their success

Candidates will be able to attend interviews and seminars during İTÜ Promotion Days. Interviews with İTÜ graduates who are among our country’s successful names serving in various sectors will be held. İTÜ graduates who will meet the candidates and the interview program is as follows:
• 1 July Wednesday: Galatasaray Executive Committee Member & Technological Entrepreneur Fatih İşbecer
• 2 July Thursday: M6 Film CEO & Producer Mehmet Altıoklar
• 3 July Friday: Teknosa General Manager Bülent Gürcan
• 4 July Saturday: Doğuş Construction Executive Committee Member Burak Talu
• 5 July Sunday: İTÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca
• 6 July Monday: Renault Mais General Manager İbrahim Aybar
• 7 July Tuesday: Migros General Manager Özgür Tort
• 7 July Tuesday: Ülker Beverage Business Unit Vice-President Tuncer Akgün
Additionally, expert names will give seminars that will guide while making selections. Candidates will also be able to attend seminars given by İTÜ Publicity Coordination Office.

‘Green Campus İTÜ’ tours

“Green Campus İTÜ Tours” will be made all day long. Candidates will have the chance to see İTÜ Ayazağa Campus that presents a completely different world with its forest, its pond, its sports facilities, its social life areas, its dormitories, its cafeteria and cafes, its library, its technopark and is one of the most beautiful university campuses of Turkey.

İTÜ’s active students

İTÜ has an active student life with its student clubs the number of which reaches 150. Some of the student clubs will bring color to the activity by participating in Promotion Days. İTÜ students showing activity in various areas from Gastronomy Club to Archery Team, from American Football Team to Industrial Engineering Club will welcome candidates with their colorful stands.