Entreprenurs Compete in the BIG BANG Contest and Grab the Future
Nov 17, 2015

The ITU Seeed BIG BANG 2015, considered the 8th best Pre-Incubation Center in Europe and one of the most important projects supporting entrepreneurs in Turkey, finally came to its end. The entrepreneurs received their prizes at a ceremony held on Saturday, 14 November 2015 in Suleyman Demirel Convetion Center on Ayazağa Campus.

“Grab the Future” became the main theme of the BIG BANG contest, which is open to all business sectors, including chemistry, electronics, informatics and biogenetics. In addition to the “General Category” the candidates were also competing for an award of a Millon Turkish Liras in such specific categories as “Cloud Computing” and “Automotive Technologies” category, which was introduced this year. The participants were competing in transformation of a technical idea into the project in order to create their own company in the end.


3900 Applications Recieved

200 entrepreneurs were selected to the pre-incubation stage out of total 2500 candidates of BIG BANG 2015.  During the Pre-incubation and Acceleration stages of the program the entrepreneurs had an opportunity to  benefit from experiences of coaches and mentors in the area of expertise by receiving education including business plan writing, marketing and finance for free. At the same time the entrepreneurs were able to create their own professional networks by meeting potential investors and gained some useful experience in company establishment. 

Prof.Dr.Mehmet Karaca

Encouraging Creativity

As ITU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca emphasized in his speech at the opening ceremony: “Within a very short period of 4 years we managed to cover a long distance and achieve prominent results.” He also stressed that ITU has been always supporting young people and investing into their ideas; thus, contributing into the development of our country. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca specified that ITU Seed is a program that encourages and supports new ideas as well as provides opportunities for transformation of an idea to the project. This year, as the Rector stated, 7 Million Turkish Liras were funded for the support of the companies at the Incubation stage.

Presentation of 20 Projects

The finalists presented their projects to investors, entrepreneurs, experts and the other candidates during the closing ceremony after the welcoming speeches and a visual performance. The presentations were followed by the jury’s assessment and the final stage of awarding the winners with the commercially oriented prizes. The awards were presented by the most prominent entrepreneurs in the sector, CEOs and ITU ARI Teknokent Managing Director Kenan Çoplan.


Vivosense Team Won the First Prize of 260 000 TL

The Vivosense team received the first prize of 260 000 Turkish Liras for the development of a transportable biosensor platform comprised of a measuring instrument and medical kits. The biosensor developed by Vivosense enables to diagnose various illnesses with a very simple, cheap and portable device.

The TRD Biotek team won the second prize of 130 000 Turkish Liras. Their project focuses on cost-efficent production of garlic seed from pathogens using tissue culture techniques and its further application in a commercial activity.

The third prize was shared by the Lugo team, which presented a project of smarter, more economical and safe driving and the Enwair team for their project of a silisium-based battery with a high electrode capacity used for electric cars.