Five Events at ITU Ginova’s Global Entrepreneurship Week
Nov 17, 2015

ITU Ginova is participating in five international events held under the auspices of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). Students interested in entrepreneurship are invited to join the events, which will take place on 16-22 November.

dijital ekonomi ve girisimcilik

The first online conference of GEW “Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship,” to be hosted by Penn State and Middlesex Universities, will be held online at 14.15-16.00 on Tuesday, 17 November. Click here for registration and detailed information about the event.

teknoloji girisimciliginde kadin olmak

Imediately following the global conference, an event called “Being a Woman in Technology Entrepreneurship” will be held on Wednesday November, 18, at 10.45-13.45.  Following a discussion on the subjects of “Gender Inequality” and “Women in Entrepreneurship,” there will be a workshop on “Difficulties Encountered by Women Entrepreneurs.”

Click here for registration and detailed information about the event.

social network

A Movie of the Week is going to be shown on Thursday, 19 November at 18.30-20.00 as part of the Entrepreneurhsip Cinema. This time we will show The Social Network, which focuses on the life of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerbegr. Click here to join the film presentation. 

Sunum Yarismasi

Some of the activities and seminars to be organized during the GWE will continue next week, including the “ITU GINOVA Presentation Workshop” on Monday, 23 November at 18.30-19.30. The students who join our workshop will at first learn about the techniques of an elevator speech, study the aspects of a persuasive presentation, and a group of students selected by a jury will join the contest the next day to make their own presentations.

Click here to join the workshop.

The final event to be organized this year within the GEW will take place on Tuesday, 24 November and unite 40 students-participants of the workshop. During the contest, to be held at 18.30-21.15, students will show their short, 90-second presentations. The winner, to be chosen at the end of the contest, will be presented with an Iphone 6s.

Visit for detailed information or contact ITU GINOVA on 0212 285 7506.