Release of the ITU Foundation Journal 70th Issue
Nov 17, 2015

A special 70th issue of the ITU Foundation Journal was published under the title Hydraulic Engineering and Süleyman Demirel from ITU. This issue commemorates the death of Süleyman Demirel, who graduated from Istanbul Technical University and later on served as the 9th President of Turkey.  Hydraulic engineering, which has been always closely associated with name of the Süleyman Demirel, was made the topic of this issue.

We have always honoured the great contributions that Süleyman Demirel made and the values he gave to our university. With this special issue of the Journal, we show our appreciation to him. One of the Journal entries, called “Süleyman Demirel and ITU,” features his detailed biography, the work he performed as Director General of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI), his career in politics and various contributions he made to ITU during that period. There is also some additional information about his friends, family members, fellow politicians, their correspondence, his passion for water and career in engineering.

itu vakfi dergisi 70.sayi kapak

The entry “Hydraulic Works” contains the opinions of experts on the subject. Sustainability, environmental effects, history, and the modern development of hydraulic resources, which have become a crucial factor in the life of every society, are observed and presented in the issue.

Apart from the main topic, articles can be found on architecture, earthquakes, and sport, along with news about the achievements of ITU ARI Teknokent, our students’ projects, cooperation with defence industry, awards, and prizes granted to our teachers and students.

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