Our Student Refik Safa Çolakoğlu Participated in Contemporary Istanbul
Nov 18, 2015

One of Turkey’s main modern art exhibitions Contemporary Istanbul was held this year between November 12th and November 15th, 2015 at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC).

Refik Safa Çolakoğlu, a 4th-year student at the Textile Technologies and Design Faculty, successfully represented ITU in Plugins category, which was directed and supervised by ITU Social Sciences Faculty Dr. Ebru Yetişkin, with his video project Pantone, Black & White.

 Refik Safa Çolakoğlu admitted that he was both very proud to represent ITU at the international platform and also felt a huge responsibility. The student expressed his gratitude to the Textile Technologies and Design Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Nevin Çığdem Gürsoy and Dr. Ebru Yetişkin for their support and made the following comments about the video in the Plugin category: ‘Colours are the basis of my work. I separated white and black on the colours’ scale. Pantone represents variety, while Black & White demonstrate the borders. The high resolution technology introduces to us a variety of colors, and the system aimes to reveal even more. Thus, a question arises, “As the reality becomes more vivident when the colors are revealed, can it be hidded in Pantone?” From this perspective, it can be said that the world is moving from Black&White towards Pantone.”

Pantone, Black & White

Refik Çolakoğlu, who is currently studying textile engineering and also preparing promotional videos for the Investment club, admits that geometry is his passion. This is how he describes his work: “The projects that I make are made up of 3-dimensional hypergeometric shapes mixed with colors. Hypergeometric shapes are used in logos and media and are able to change that media. When colors and shapes are mixed together we can observe a variety of things. When art is mixed with creativity in an engineering piece of work, art is modernized. This kind of work becomes a a quality piece of art and engineering, because both of them involve discipline and harmony. This is how they balance and blend with each other. My design was based on this idea.”

ITU Laboratories Must be Opened to Artists

Ebru Yetişkin, the Plugin Director of Contemporary Istanbul, applied the experimental and innovative Plugin definition for the basis of the New Media Department. She explained that the program was created as an additional module that will be used to study innovative approaches to modern art from the perspective of making art digital. Dr. Yetişkin, who draws attentıon to the contributions made by ITU to the relations between science, art, technology, and politics, stated “I believe that we will make progress by applying modern research methods used in science, art, and technology, as presented in a video created by our student Refik Çolakoğlu. In his video he merged art, design, and engineering, and he is determined to work further with on that. We, for our part, want to promote and support our students and teachers working in these fields.”

Dr. Yetişkin stresses the importance of cooperation between ITU research laboratories and artists in order to conduct innovative studies in science and art: “I hope that the university will support this kind of study in the future. Studies at laboratories of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department as well as at laboratories working on Robotics and Physics integrate the skills of engineering and art. That’s why I find the integrated approach extremely important for experiments and generation of new knowledge.”

Contemporary Istanbul 2015, with its modern design and various workshops, has attracted the great interest of art-lovers across Istanbul.