Work and Create with No Barriers
Nov 19, 2015

If you happen to see a 1974 Volkswagen parked in front of the cafeteria at the Ayazağa Campus, don’t be surprised. It sells the food prepared by the children with special needs (with Down Syndrome, autism and children with mental disabilities).


The project was launched to raise awareness in the students with special needs and support the development of their social skills. The motto of the “Vosw-autism” project is “Work and Create with No Barriers”.

The project is conducted under the supervision of Şehit Üsteğmen Ali Büyükdicle School For Children with Special Needs and ITU Volunteering Society. 1974 Volkswagen sells cake, biscuits, lemonade, jam and soap made by the pupils of Sarıyer Şehit Üsteğmen Ali Büyükdicle School.


As the next step of the program the students of ITU Volunteering Society are planning to prepare brochures, videos and media accounts in order to raise the society’s awareness in the problems of persons with disabilities. They also plan to have more cars like this in different locations.