Sustainable Cities Discussed at ITU
Nov 20, 2015

Smart cities and transportation systems, integrated solutions that meet the city’s needs…
Experts met in ITU to create a sustainable and livable world. 
‘”Sustainable Cities’ Symposium” organized this year for the third time by WRI Turkey was hosted by ITU. The event, that took place on 19-20 November at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center at Ayazağa Campus, was attended by experts and planners from all over the world. 


The theme of the Symposium this year was "Smarter Cities and Energy Efficiency" that corresponds to the ideas of the “Green Campus” project conducted by ITU. Various sessions, panel discussions and presentations took place over two days of the Symposium; numerous projects for the creation of climate-friendly environment were presented while searching for solutions to the problems of urban transport management. 
 The material presented at the symposium also offered the examples of different sustainability studies, and the need for locally adapted solutions to the problem was emphasized by the experts.

Green World Turning into Grey 

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca in his speech pointed out that the world is experiencing a period of transition from green to grey, and the responsibility for this transition lies not only with institutions but also with individuals. Karaca said that the environment reflects the human personality and identity and added, “In our Green Campus project we show respect to both humans and nature. We have launched a short and a long-term restructuring project of preserving the environment on the campus.  As part of the project we have been working towards raising people’s awareness in recycling, reducing carbon dioxide by building bicycle and walking tracks, and we have been working in many areas to make the environment clean and beautiful. I once again express my gratitude to WRI Turkey and Evonik company, who supported us on this way.”

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca indicated that he was very pleased to host the event which offered solutions and presented various studies about a greener and more sustainable world. The ITU family, added Karaca, will be always ready to fulfill the duties falling on its part.”

Rektor Karaca

Sustainable World, Protected Climate 

The President of WRI Global Ani Dasgupta indicated the importance of climate protection while making the world more sustainable and stressed that climate problems had never been discussed before at the international level. As Dasgupta noted, half of the world's population lives in cities,"It is very important to make the places which are overpopulated more livable. It is also necessary to protect the climate. There are plenty of such examples all over the world, "he said. 

Green Campus Project Presented

"ITU Green Campus" project was presented at the symposium. Construction works that had been completed during the last three years were presented by Sis Alkan, ITU Construction Works and Technical Office Director. As part of the Green Campus Project we aim at raising people’s awareness in recycling, protecting the environment on campus, building bicycle and walking tracks. The works related to the improvement of ecology and landscape were also presented. 

Sis Alkan

"The Effects of Urban Transportation Energy Efficiency and Climate Change", "Transportation Solutions for Livable Cities" and "Designing Safer Cities Design" were some of the topics discussed at the Symposium. A large number of participants attended the symposium, which introduced exemples of various cities around the globe. Moreover, some sessions were broadcast live for those who could not attend the event.