University Disability Services’ Offices Meeting at ITU
Nov 26, 2015

Coordinators of the 4th Istanbul Regional University Disability Services met at ITU. During the meeting, which was held on 24 November at ITU Universal Textile Design Center on Gümüşsuyu Campus, projects and purposes of the universities concerning people with disabilities were discussed.

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The participants of the program included representatives of public and foundation universities in Istanbul. The meeting’s agenda focused on the university accessibility studies that are going to be discussed during “10th Workshop on Accessible Universities” to be held on  12 May, 2016 in Eskişehir.
ITU Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design Prof. Dr. Nevin Çiğdem Gürsoy opened the program at Universal Textile Design Center with a center presentation. He began with a description of the Center, which started working recently, and later focused on its mission and purposes.

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Universal Attitude Removes Discrimination

In his speech Assoc. Prof. Göksenin İnalhan underlined that all designs should be developed through universal attitude and stressed the necessity of physical-educational accessibility. Assoc. Prof. Göksenin İnalhan disclosed that ITU had been conducting studies on accessibility by saying, “Various studies have been conducted at the campus as part of Green and accessible Campus. Some of them include building of bicycle tracks, reducing carbon emissions to minimum, developing eco-friendly attitudes, creating sports facilities, raising awareness of the campus residents in recycling. In addition, we have arranged pavements for people with disabilities. Pathways work is still ongoing. Some of the traffic arrangements have been completed already. We also have social responsibility projects. For instance, a special school for children with mental disabilities is hosted by our campus. Childrem with Down syndrome work at café Fanfan also located on the campus. But above all, members of ITU are aware about these problems, and we continue working towards new projects.” 

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Çağrı Artan, who is in charge of the ITU Disability Advisory Service and a phsycologist Cem Demirbaş talked about the work performed at the Advisory Service. It has been emphasized that irrespectively of the number of students or staff members with disabilities, ITU has to be an accessible university in order to raise people’s awareness in the issue. 

Financial problems, interior and exterior accessibility levels, problems of historical buildings, the problems experienced in public areas on campus, lack of adequate control mechanisms and various suggestions to solve the problems were also discussed during the meeting.