Our Rector Visits Board Meeting of Istanbul Chamber of Industry
Nov 27, 2015

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and the CEO of ITU ARI Teknokent Kenan Çolpan participated in the November meeting of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) on 25 November 2015.


The Chairman of ICI Erdal Bahçıvan, who presided the meeting, mainly focused on “The Requirements and Recommendations of the Newly Elected Government in Respect to the Industry and Economy of Istanbul Chamber of Industry”. The board members exchanged their views on the agenda. 

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Karaca: “The support of ICI in the ITU Seed Ecosystem is essential.”

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, the guest speaker at the board meeting of ICI, which is collaborating with the ITU Seed Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, said that he was very proud of the contributions made by ITU, a 242 year old institution, into the modernization of our country. Karaca added that universities produce knowledge, but only industrialists and businessmen are able to turn it to a product. As it has been emphasized by the Rector ICI contributed to the rise of the brand value of the ITU Seed Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and even brought it to the champions league level. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca disclosed that more thematic teknokents would be built in the future. Energy Teknokent has been already opened and Sea Teknokent is one the way. 


Businessmen from TRD Bİotek and  Vivosens Biosensor Take the Floor 

Assoc. Dr. Özge Çelik from TRD Bİotek team, which became one of the finalists of 2015 ITU Seed Big Bang  Program and who was awarded 50.000 Turkish Liras by ICI in the “Businessman of the Future”category, told about the seed production company to the board members. The winner Miray Turan from the Vivosens team, who was awarded with 150.000 Turkish Liras, also presented his thanks to ICI.