Dare to Lead?
Nov 30, 2015

ITU GINOVA in cooperation with General Electric (GE) organized a workshop themed “Dare to Lead?” 32 ITU students participated in the workshop, which was aimed at evaluation of students’ leadership skills and furnishing the participants with the tools to start their own journey to true leadership. 
During the workshop held at GE Turkey Innovation Center on 25 November 2015 the future leaders were ta
ught valuable insights into challenges and possibilities to be evaluated. The training was provided by the GE instructors, senior executives and human resources managers. The young leaders were also encouraged to explore their leadership potential. The 32 participants of the workshop were chosen among students of the 2nd and 3rd year who sent their applications to the program. Students’ grade point average, level of English and messages tagged ‘#DareToLead’ were taken into account while choosing the workshop participants.


 The students who took part in the one-day training camp were offered strategic games revealing their leadership qualities, activities and interactive conversations related to career opportunities and gained invaluable experience. 

“I’ve seen My Leadership Potential”

Mert Yiğit Aladağ, student of Electronics and Communication Engineering, who took an important step in his career, observed, “When I heard about the ‘Dare to Lead’ Workshop I was at first very excited about it. I really wanted to learn what I can do to become a leader from experienced and knowledgeable professionals. This workshop helped me to see my own leadership potential. Besides, I have noticed that teamwork is essentially important in overcoming difficulties. It was an outstanding experience for me.”

“Now I’m More Determined About My Plans for the Future”

Merve Kurt, student of Industrial Engineering Department says, “I got very excited when I heard about the international company, which is different from another companies in its management and got interested in the leadership qualities to be taught during the workshop. That is why I applied to the program.  All the activities were very exciting. While taking part in them I was able to see my leadership potential. I clarified the steps I must take in the future and made some clear plans about it. This workshop was particularly good for learning teamwork and the qualities of a team leader. I was very happy to use this valuable opportunity. ”

The Director of ITU GINOVA Prof. Dr. Şebnem Burnaz disclosed that this cooperation was chosen to teach leadership aspects and help students reveal their potential. She also emphasized the importance of having such workshops for bigger number of students, so that everyone can benefit from such opportunities. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Burnaz promised that ITU GINOVA will always support students who start their journey to leadership.


 Ruhan Temeltaş, Head of GE Turkey University Relations said, “Young and self-trained leaders adapted to the business world will be managing companies in future. We saw the students’ excitement during the workshop. We are very proud to inspire young talented learners to be the future leaders. We are very glad to cooperate with ITU GINOVA in the MENAT region.”