Former TV Settings Transformed into Education Center
Nov 30, 2015

An area of 3500 m² and a building within the territory located at Istanbul Cendere Mevkii and belonging to Istanbul Regional Directorate of Forestry will be used as an educational center for the students of Faculty of Mines.

tas bina_2  İsmail Çom

Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural and his team managed to recieve the building, which had been empty for two years and had been selected for demolition. The building was supposed to be used as a planning and education center. In accordance with the protocol after two years of hard work the area, which once used to be a setting for a famous “Kurtlar Vadisi” Tv-series, was allotted for the education of ITU students. Thus, Mine Engineering Department students will have a chance to acquire practical knowledge on the subject.

tas bina_1

The stone construction will meet the needs in practical training, while the garden and landscape design will be used for social and cultural activities.