Who Am I? What Problems Do I Want to Solve?
Nov 30, 2015

ITU GINOVA, which encourages and guides ITU students in the world of entreprenurship,  organized a student presentation competition. This year students-participants had 90 seconds to make a brief presentation following the main guidelines. The two students who won the competition held on 23-24 November, 2015 were presented with an Iphone 6s.

ginova sunum yarismasi_1

Students showed great interest in the competition, where each student had 90 seconds to present their ideas to the jury members. The intent of the competition is to encourage students to present their work and interact with the audience. The task of the event, which was supported and sponsored by Index Group, Meander Consulting, ITU Entrepreneurship Club, IAESTE and Young Entrepreneurs, was to make a 90 second presentation of maxımum 150-200 words answering the following questions “Who am I? What problem do I want to solve? What is my solution of the problem?”
On the first day of the event Özkan Zere, co-founder of Meander Consulting, and Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt, vice-president of ITU GINOVA, organized a training on presentation techniques which was followed by students presenting their ideas to the jury and audience.

ginova sunum yarismasi_2

42 students who were chosen by the jury for the final round of the competition delivered their presentations to Erol Bilecik, Index Group Board Chairman, Özkan Zere, co-founder of Meander Consulting, Zeynep Erden Bayazıt, vice-president of ITU GINOVA and the audience.Upon the final decision made by the jury, Şeyda Yaşar and Tugay Alyıldız were announced the winners of the students’ competition.