ITU Seed Ranked Among the Best Twenty Business Incubator Centers in the World
Dec 01, 2015

UBI Global, an international organization analysing, comparing and ranking leading universities’ business incubators, ranked ITU Seed the 8th best in Europe and the 18th best business incubator in the world. ITU Seed being at the top of the list, became the first Turkish Incubation Center chosen by a group of independent experts out of 117 European and 220 centers all over the world.

Competing with the Best Centers in the World

Kenan Çoplan, the general manager of ITU ARI Teknokent, put emphasis on the success of ITU Seed by saying: “ITU Seed that was launched in 2012 as part of ITU ARI Teknokent within 3 years brought entrepreneurs a total benefit of approximately 7 million Turkish Liras. ITU Seed provides support to all entrepreneurs with technological ideas or business projects that can be commercialized. On the other hand, we are directing young minds to such leading sectors as automotive and cloud computing by introducing new categories to the system. Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Automotive Exporters’ Association, IBM, Microsoft and Elginkan Foundation are among our 40 Turkish and international partners, who collaborate with us in order to

Introduce Istanbul to the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The fact that ITU Seed was chosen one of the best incubator centers in Europe and in the world by UBI Global demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction.”

ITU ARI Teknokent vice-president Assoc. Dr. Deniz Tunçalp commented on the system, which enables entrepreneurs develop their business models in 11 weeks and 150 hours by taking advantage of free mentors’ help and support, thus making success in the global arena: “We have managed to adapt the business model and content to the local standards and needs at the entrepreneurship center at one of the world’s leading universities. The entrepreneurs admitted to ITU Seed have a chance to use the offices and laboratories’ facilities at our pre-incubation center and at the same time develop their projects with the help of free mentorship sessions during the Acceleration Stage of the Program. This is basically how technological projects develop at ITU Seed. This year we have provided support to 260 projects chosen from more than 3900 applications that we received in 9 months from different regions of Turkey. The best 20 teams had a chance to start implementation of their projects by obtaining financial support from the investors within the Big Bang Program held at Ayazağa Campus on 14 November.”

Best Incubator Centers Produce Entrepreneurs for All Times

UBI Global aims at performing analysis of incubator centers around the globe and facilitates the development of business network between them. They help entrepreneur ecosystems become more efficient and competitive through a comprehensive assessment system.

UBI Global benchmark also provides some useful data. Information Technology is the leading sector among the Incubator Centers represented by 35%. The entrepreneurs coming from successful Incubator Centers increase their chances to stay in the business world by  20%. Moreover, the most successful Incubator Centers support 81% of their ecntrepreneurs, while the average Incubators provide support only to 48%.

ITU Seed Process

Entrepreneur teams admitted to the preincubation stage have a chance to use all ITU Seed opportunities free during one year. The most successful projects take part in the Big Bang event, and those chosen by the jury receive an extensive financial support. ITU Seed have provided support to 23 companies in 3 years with the total budget of 7 million Turkish Liras.  

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