Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Dec 04, 2015

Various projects have been conducted at ITU in the scope of "Accessible Life at ITU" program. 
"Voice Steps, Universal Textile Center, Barrier-free and pedestrian friendly sidewalks" are just a few of them ...

sesli adimlar navigasyon sistemi

"Voice Steps" Application Removes Barriers at ITU 

Now it is very easy to find the way through the halls of Faculty of Civil Engineering with the help of navigation software relying on a Bluetooth beacon device. 

A new in-door application for the navigation of people with disabilities has been launched at ITU. The navigation system, which relies on Bluetooth, facilitates orientation in the environment. 

The in-door navigation developed by Boni company, which is part of ITU Ari Technopark, and implemented at the Civil Engineering Faculty, has facilitated orientation in the environment for the visually impared. 120 bluetooth beacon devices have been installed in the halls of the Civil Engineering Faculty. “Loud Steps” is an application for smart phones which provides voice support after it has determined your location. The application also provides written and oral instructions and can be used not only by the visually-impared but by everyone. Since July 2015 the application enables navigation to all classrooms, rooms and departments within the faculty. In addition, exits, fire exits and elevators are identified by the program.

engelsiz tekstil merkezi
Universal Textile Design Center at ITU 

Universal Textile Design Center, one of the most important projects of ITU, has been recently opened. Textile universal design center, which will produce fabrics and design clothes responding to the needs of persons with disabilities, was opened with the support of Istanbul Development Agency.  The Center contains state-of-the-art technology, and was established to produce samples for various branches of the textile industry from fabrics to clothing. The center will manufacture and design comfortable and aesthetically pleasing clothing that can be easily used and washed by persons with disabilities. Moreover, the center will be able to measure people's sizes with 3-D body scanning technology.

engelli dostu calismalar
Accessible Pedestrian-Friendly Sidewalks and Car Parks

All the sidewalks on the campus, which are now accessible and pedestrian-friendly, have been changed in accordance with the nature-integrated approach. The sidewalks were widened to 3-4 meters, the height was limited by 5 cm, and ramps were added. Thus, people with disabilities can easily move within the campus. At the same time the work on tactile paving surfaces is on-going. In addition, the pervious concrete pavements prevents pooling and puddles. 

Parking Lots for People with Disabilities

ITU Accessibility Office

The ITU Accessibility Office has started working on accessibility and barrier-free environment at the university campus by gathering all partners under one roof. The office will organize various informative activities raising awareness about the life of persons with disabilities. 

Accessibility Studies at University 

The “Accessibility” course has been made compulsory for the students of the Faculty of Architecture. 
The “Accessibility” course, compulsory for the Architect Department, will be taught as an elective course at some other design departments which will help students gain awareness in this issue. 
In addition, Continuing Education Center and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are going to hold a Certificate Program for Professionals in Accessibility.

Vosw-otizm araci ve ogrenciler
Hosting Fanfan and School of Special Education Needs

Our university hosts the first in Turkey Fanfan café for children with Down Syndrome and Sarıyer Şehit Üsteğmen Ali Büyükdicle School. 
In order to raise people’s awareness in the problems of persons with disabilities we launched a “Vosw-autism”project, which sells cake, biscuits, lemonade and jam made by the pupils of  Sarıyer Şehit Üsteğmen Ali Büyükdicle School. 

“No to Obstacles” Project by Volunteering Society 

As part of the project “No to Obstacles”  organized by ITU Volunteering Society  ITU students teach the autistic children and children with mental disabilities from Istanbul Educational Center to swim and spend time with them.