Turkey Innovation Week Final
Dec 07, 2015

With its 7 brands and 14 projects ITU participated in “Turkey Innovation Week”.

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 “Turkey Innovation Week”, which has been organized by Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) since 2013 to present the importance of innovation and support innovative activities, this year was held between 3-5 December at Istanbul Congress Center. 

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The event, supported by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, united international experts, artists, academicians and students.

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ITU was represented at the event by its 7 brands and 14 variously themed projects. The projects and stands presented by ITU attracted a lot of attention. Minister of Economy Musrafa Elitaş who also visited the exhibition studied the stands of ITU in details.

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 ITU, which has been spreading innovative vision around the country, and its affiliate projects ITU ARI Teknokent and ITU INNOVA TTO shared their experience with the participants of Turkey Innovation Week.

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Some of the projects presented by ITU at Turkey Innovation Week include an Unmanned Air Vehicle, a biosensor for sweat analysis by measuring lactic acid level, ORBIS project conducted by ITU in cooperation with General Directorate of Forestry, electric minibus that runs 400 km on a single charge for 9 Turkish Liras. All of them were designed and developed by ITU academicians to serve people’s safety needs.

Our projects exhibited at the event include:

1. Kuax, Kuax designs shopping windows of the future that can detect a person's movements with an interactive window application and provide product information.
2. Hangar which develops Business Applications’ Platform for V-Sight Devices using augmented reality, image processing, indoor-outdoor location technologies.
3. ACL Teslim enables the users to make logistics transactions at the price and time that they want, shaping supply and demand the optimum way that end user can use both for online shopping and delivery.
4. Fusion 3DS, Fusion 3D Systems project develops 3D printers with high-definition and speed to be used in jewelry and another sectors of professional technology.
5. IUGO presents smarter, safer and more economical test driving, which is achieved by using algorithms produced by special equipment.
6. Maxwell, MX8 platform is the eyes of military personnel and search and rescue operations, which enables work at such harsh weather conditions as rain, dust and cold temperature up to -30 degrees C.
7. Pandora. Pandora is an application that uses augmented reality. It was designed as an alternative to architectural models of physical environment. It aims to provide alternative more economical and functional solutions for architecture industry.
8. Anlatsın.com. It is a platform which enables people between the ages of 18-30 to make better career choices, a new channel that provides fast access to job applicants for employers and helps applicants to familiarize with brands.
9. Greencoat. Greencoat is a surface heat and sound resistant coating material suitable for any surface. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable and strong.
10. Rollo Up is a platform used for games with social content.