“Art Academy For Everyone” Meets with Children in Muğla
Dec 11, 2015

The first regional seminar of “Art Academy for Everyone”, organized in order to promote the project, was held in Muğla in cooperation with the local authorities.

The “Art Academy For Everyone” project was launched by Prof. Dr. Serpil Murtezaoğlu, the Vice-Director of the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, and supervised in Muğla by Ercan Kılkıl, Asst. Prof. and Head of the Department of Fine Arts of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University. The event held in Muğla was a result of the cooperation between the academicians from ITU TMSC, EGE University TMSC, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Department of Fine Arts and Menteşe District National Education Directorate.

The event featured Assist. Prof. Ercan Kılkıl playing the baglama, Assoc. Prof. Ali Tüfekçi playing the ney, academic member Hatice Doğan Sevinç playing the classical kamancha, academic member Mehmet Bitmez playing the cittern, Mahmut Karagenç playing the end-blown flute and academic member Atakan Türüdü playing the kemane. ITU TMSC Director Prof. Adnan Koç also visited the event.

The interactive seminar and concert “Art Academy For Everyone”, held at Ataturk Cultural Center of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, hosted over 1000 students and set the start of the project all over Turkey.
herkes icin sanat akademisi muglakolaj

Art Academy for Everyone

ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, the first institution in its field, has launched the “Art Academy For Everyone” Project in order to promote awareness in art and university education among all society members.
The main purpose of the “Art Academy For Everyone” Project, supervised by Prof. Dr. Serpil Murtezaoğlu, the Vice-Director of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, is to spread traditional Turkish music among children and youth. The Project, launched in Istanbul, has attracted thousands of children and is aimed to attract audiences all over Turkey and possibly take place on the international arena.