Champion of Turkey Aged 14
Dec 18, 2015

Furkan Valimaki, a 14-year old pupil of the ITU Development Foundation Beylerbeyi Secondary School, became the champion of Turkey at Turkey Motocross Championship in 85cc B category leaving behind many famous and experienced sportsmen.

The recent competition organized by Turkish Motorcycle Federation was held last month in Kaynaşlı district of Düzce. 64 sportsmen took part in the 1450 meters long distance. Valimaki, who has been regularly participating at Motocross and supermoto championships for the last five years, won the Turkish Championship leaving behind all the competitors. Furkan Valimaki won the second prize in the 65cc category at the Turkish Motocross Championships in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 Valimaki won the third place at Turkey motocross and supermoto championships. Moreover, he successfully represented our country at 2015 Eastern Europe Motocross Championship by ranking the 9th among 37 competitors.


Furkan Valimaki, the 14-year old pupil of ITU DFS became the champion of Turkey in his category leaving behind the experienced sportsmen and gained the title of the youngest sportsmen. Furkan has been riding the motorcycle since the age of 5 and since 8 he has been participating in the competitions. His interest in motorcycles was encouraged by his father and older sister.

Cenker İlhan Polat, General Director of ITU Development Foundation Schools explained that the school supports its pupils in every area including sport, art and science and provides them with various opportunities and added, “We support our students in every area of their development relying on the vast and rooted experience of ITU. This year our students have been very successful at sporting events held in Turkey and abroad. We are very proud of them. I sincerely congratulate our student Furkan Valimaki on his success.”