4 Vehicles Donated to ITU by Ford Otosan
Dec 25, 2015

General Directorate of Ford Otosan donated 4 commercial vehicles to ITU to fulfill the needs of the university students and academicians.

Negotiations between ITU and Ford Otosan, conducted by our university in the scope of the business relations development, have been accelerated with the donation of 4 vehicles. Emrah Kınav, R&D and Innovation Management Engineer in Ford Otosan, who commented on the collaboration during the donation event, said “We strongly believe that this kind of programs plays a very important role in the education of professionally equipped individuals with high-level technical skills and raise the level of welfare of the future generations. Our program “Vehicle and Parts Donation” is aimed at providing support to the vocational schools and university students in the implementation of the latest industrial trends and development of innovative solutions”.

ford otosan

ITU Secretary General Prof. Tayfun Kindap, who expressed his gratitude to Ford Otosan at the donation event, also pointed out the importance of industry-university collaboration. He emphasized that the collaboration between ITU and various businesses provides broad possibilities for the university students and academic staff. “We would like to have more vehicles working on alternative energy on the campus. The 100% electric car has been already produced as a result of the collaboration of our academicians with Derindere Motor Vehicles company. The minibus that runs 400 km for 9 Turkish Liras is already available on the campus. We are going to convert some of the donated cars into electrical ones with the support of our teachers, students and Derindere Motor Vehicles company”, added Prof. Tayfun Kindap.

By donating 4 commercial vehicles to ITU Ford Otosan provides support to young engineers and constructors in their innovative research studies.