ITU Wins Muay Thai Europe Championship
Dec 25, 2015

Ayten Betül Kahya who represented our country at “EMF Muay Thai Open Cup 2015” held by European Muay Thai Federation in Antalya won the cup of the championship.

Muay Thai European Cup Championship, which brought together 270 sportsmen from 14 countries, was held between 11-15 November, 2015 in Antalya. Ayten Betül Kahya, a 3rd year student of ITU Electronics and Communicational Engineering, took part in the competition and won the championship cup in the 63,5 kg female category leaving behind all the contestants. Along with the champion title Kahya has become the National Athlete of Turkey.
Ayten Betül Kahya, a 3rd year student of ITU Electronics and Communicational Engineering, demostrated an excellent performance and won Muay Thai Championship in April becoming the Champion of Turkey. Kahya is going to represent our country and ITU at the International Muay Thai University World Cup to be held in 2016.


The Sport that Helped Me to Find Myself

Kahya, who started the sport at 16, has been successful in numerous competitions as well as national and international championships. This is how Ayten Betül Kahya, a respresentative of ITU sports club and a member of Orhan Doğan Sports Club, speaks about the first time she heard about Muay Thai, “I have been interested in Fareast Fighting Arts since my childhood. I started doing the sport at 16, then I had a small break and I was back at sport at the university. Muay Thai taught me fighting, determination, discipline, respect and team work and helped me to find myself. Thanks to this sport I learnt to protect myself effectively, keep fit, develop reflexes, be self-confident. Fighting on the ring is also very special for me. I think of the ring as a kind of a platform. Although ring sports may seem individual, they are team sports in fact. Thanks to this sport I met so many people and friends who have become special for me. Their support and trust mean so much for me. I’m very grateful to my trainer Orhan Doğan who is motivating me and all the teachers, ITU family and my family who have always supported me”.

Muay Thai is the cultural martial art of Thailand which dates back several hundred years. Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing is the art of fighting and way life. It is a combat sport characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.