Our Female Students Are Happier The Survey Suggests
Dec 29, 2015

The results of the survey conducted among 3509 ITU students appeared to be very impressive. According to the survey the female students feel happier, and financial conditions also play an important role in happiness. In addition, more than 50% of the students are optimistic about their future.

When answering the question “Are you happy?” 52.3% of the students (1832 people) indicated they were happy, 11.6% of the respondents (405 people) said they were unhappy and 36.1% (1264 people) could not give a definite answer.


In the scope of Probability and Statistics (MAT 271E) discipline taught by ITU academic member Prof. Orhan Kural 200 students asked 3509 respondents whether they were happy, optimistic about the future, which professional fields make them happy and how important their financial condition is.

The answers to the survey were grouped in accordance with the age, education, financial condition, accommodation and income of the respondents. As the survey results show, 55.1% of the female students feel happy while only 51% of the male students consider themselves happy.

“Financial Condition Influences Happiness”

The survey revealed that good financial condition and stable income enhances the feeling of happiness. 60% of the students with good financial condition feel happy. In addition, 58.2% of students with a stable income, 46.9% receiving a scholarship and 25% of students with no stable income feel happy.

“Students are Optimistic About their Future”

Answering the question “Are you optimistic about your future?” 52.3% of the respondents said “yes”, while 16.2% said “no”.

According to the results the male students are more optimistic about their future than their female counterparts with 55% of the male students and 47.9% of the female respondents indicating their optimism about the future. Financial stability also influenced the survey results. 55.7% of well-off students and 40.9% of students with not stable financial condition are optimistic about their future.

“My Future Profession Will Make Me Happy”

The results of the survey indicate that most of the students are getting the professions they will be happy with in the future. While 54.8% of the students said “yes” answering the question “Will the profession you are getting make you happy in the future?” 15.6% answered “no”. 55.7% of the male students feel happy about their future profession, while only about 53.1% of their female counterparts think optimistically about their future career.
Most of the students said that the profession that would make them happy is engineering. 26.4% of the students feel that they will be happy as engineers in the future. While mostly male respondents indicated that engineering is the career that would make them happy, the female respondents prefer careers in architecture and cinema-TV related professions.