Seminar on Meteorology and Law
Dec 29, 2015

ITU Meteorological Engineering Department organized a Seminar to discuss the problems that occur in the professional careers of meteorological engineers.

The Seminar brought together the members of Meteorological Engineering Department, meteorological engineers, future engineers and lawyers. The possible ways to solve legal issues faced by the professionals in this area were discussed at the Seminar which took place in the TAV Conference Room of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Following the speech delivered by the Head of the Department Prof. Ahmet Duran Şahin during the morning session of the two-sessions seminar the meteorological engineers and members of TTMOB had a very productive problem-solving discussion with the lawyers. The issues were studied more closely and the possible solutions were proposed during the afternoon session run by Prof. Selahattin Incecik with the participation of Prof. Mikdat Kadıoğlu and the laywers experts in the field.

meteoroloji ve hukuk calistayi

In addition, the most distinguished students of the WRF,WASP and FORTRAN courses held by ITU Meteorological Research Club (METAR) were presented with the certificates and prizes.