ITU DFS Sportsmen Collected Medals in Swimming
Jan 04, 2016

ITU Development Foundation Schools (DFS) Sports Club returned from Finswimming Winter Championship with 4 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals. This year our team, which has been successful in all competitions beating the records of Turkey, finished the year with medals.

The sportsmen of ITU DFS Sports Club, who participated in the Finswimming Winter Championship organized by Turkish Underwater Sports Federation in Gebze in December, 26-27, set new records of Turkey in all the competitions they took part in.
Our group of sportsmen comprized of Berker Çakar, Mehmet Türkoğlu, Beste Tuğçem Akgün, Işıl Haşlak, Buse Karacabay, Ayşe Ceren Yeşilbaş, Nil Maden Çalış, Defne Helvacıoğlu, Miray Tunçel, İdil Zengin and Nisanur İlkim Erzurumlu won ten medals in the tournament, which brought together 152 sportsmen from 19 clubs.

itu gvo spor kulubu yuzme takimi

“We have medals from each competition we have taken part in this year, and we are very proud of our team. I warmly congratulate the sportsmen and instructors of our ITU DFS Sports Club on their success in national and international competitions,” said Cenker Polat, ITU Development Foundation Schools General Director, who congratulated the star team of ITU DFS Sports Club on their excellent, record breaking performance.