Tribute to the ITU Member
Jan 05, 2016

Dr. Sr. Engineer Sedat Üründül, member of the Board of Trustees of ITU Development Foundation and ITU Faculty of Construction graduate passed away yesterday. We pay tribute to our graduate who had been very successful during 97 years of his life.

There exist people whose lives are engraved on every stone in the country. Those who leave their trace in the history of a country with their projects and achievements. Dr. Sr. Engineer Sedat Üründül, graduate of ITU Faculty of Construction, was one of those. Dam construction projects, railroads and tunnels completed by Dr. Sr. Engineer Sedat Üründül were a significant contribution to the development of our country. All 97 years of his life Sedat Üründül had been proud of ITU, where he received his diploma, and used to wear the university badge on his jacket. An Istanbul gentleman, he had always supported his university and was a genuine member of ITU.

ataturk baraji

The Ataturk Dam is undoubtedly the most successful project out of various projects and construction works undertaken by our graduate during 97 years of his life. The Ataturk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant completed by Ata İnşaat is Turkey’s largest dam and referred to in the world construction literature.

“It was a prestigious project, and all the partners in our team were aware of their responsibility. With all the respect to our workers we rolled up our sleeves for the development of Turkey,” says Üründül about the times of the Ataturk Dam construction in his autobiography called “İtibar ve İtimat” and stored at ITU Foundation. Dr. Sr. Engineer Sedat Üründül devoted 70 years of his business life to the south-eastern Anatolia and is associated with various successful construction projects including the most significant one in the history of the Republic, the Ataturk Dam.

Sedat Üründül, who had always had a strong bond with ITU and used to share the memories related to the university, was conferred the title Honorary Doctor by the ITU Senate’s Decision in 1996 due to his numerous successful projects. He was awarded with ITU Golden Bee many times. Due to his contributions to ITU he was awarded with “İTÜ Meritorious Service Medal”.

His name was given by the İTÜ Development Foundation to the kindergarten and to the environmental laboratory of the environmental engineering department. He had the Verda Üründül Dormitory for Female Students constructed at Maslak and named the dormitory after his wife. Üründül ITU Development Foundation Board of Trustees Member, was known for his commitment to ITU and education.
Sedat Üründül will be buried on Wednesday January,6 at the Zincirlikuyu Cemetry after a prayer at Teşvikiye Mosque.

Sedat Urundul

Who is Dr. Sr. Engineer Sedat Üründül?

Üründül was born in Istanbul in 1919, completed primary and secondary schools at Şişli Terakki. After completion of Kabataş Erkek Lisesi he entered ITU Construction Faculty. In cooperation with his two friends engineers he established “Palet Insaat” Company. Later he served as a Chairman and senior partner of "Ata İnşaat" that was involved in the construction of the Ataturk Dam.

He has a son and three grandchildren, two being male.