Sounds of Istanbul
Jan 07, 2016

With its 41 years of experience ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory is rightfully considered a cradle of many famous musicians. Arif Sağ, Aşkın Nur Yengi, Çelik, Mahsun Kırmızıgül, Volkan Konak, Erdal Erzincan are just a few of them. When walking the conservatory halls you are greeted by sounds produced by various musical instruments.

 The musical variety and colourfulness penetrates from halls into classrooms to be reflected in music. The students and academicians are in continuous pursuit of music. This is how ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory brings together listeners and the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

istanbulun sesleri_ekip

One of the new groups of our conservatory is called “Sounds of Istanbul”. The founder and musical director of the group is the zither player and the academic member Adnan Günaydın. He created the group, which aims at playing original music, by bringing together 5 musicians playing different musical instruments. The group consists of academic members and students. This is how Adnan Günaydın introduces the new group, “It has been possible to develop a different music understanding under the roof of ITU Conservatory, because our university supports novelties. We tried to add modern sounds to the traditional touch of saz. Our main puspose is to promote our music among people by giving more concerts.”

istanbulun sesleri_adnan gunaydin

The “Sounds of Istanbul” musical group comprised of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Musical Performance Department lecturer Erkan Kanat and students Samet Çelikel, Selahattin Kabacı, Mehmet Dinleyen and Selim Boyacı play instrumental music of their own composition as well as play the new versions of traditional songs. We had a little conversation with the group during the concert. Our musicians wished health, happiness and success to all mebers of ITU family in 2016.

Influenced by the Roma Neighborhood

The group percussionist Erkan Kanat, who started his way with the ITU TMSC Turkish Folk Dances Department in 2004, is now a lecturer of the Musical Performance Department. Along with the academic career Kanat works with the saz musicians in studio and on the stage. “In this social and musical environment where sounds come from every household most of the time you hear drums, goblet drums and similar percussion instruments”, says Kanat, who devoted his soul to music due to the Roman neighborhood he used to live in as a child.

Music Culture Running in the Family

Samet Çelikel, the zither player in the group, started playing the lute thanks to his father and then continued his musical education with zither. He chose zither on his father’s advice. Mehmet Dinleyen, the group’s violoncellist, also comes from a musical family. Mehmet’s family members including his grandfather, father, uncles and cousins play such musical instruments as viola and violoncello. Due to this musical atmosphere Mehmet Dinleyen was mostly impressed by violoncello and decided to learn to play it. The clarinet player Selahattin Kabacı started playing the clarinet at the age of 7, and his first teachers were his older family members. Selim Boyacı, who has been playing the lute for 8 years, says that he got interested in the instrument thanks to his teacher of music at Fine Arts High School.