CAS Celebrated its 28th Birthday
Jan 19, 2016

ITU Culture and Arts Society, which organizes cultural and social events, ensures students’ active participation in our University and mainly educates in engineering fields, celebrated its 28th birthday recently.
ITU CAS organizes many impressive events nationwide and hosts experts, sector representatives and successful artists. CAS, while helping our students to improve their individual talents in a scientific environment, makes them gain experience at the same time. ITU CAS that carries out various events throughout the year in order to make our students grow into individuals who are socially strong, have universal perspective, think scientifically and analytically, talked about their clubs, success, projects and goals.
-Can you inform us about ITU CAS?
CAS was founded in 1987. CAS which is a student-oriented team working devotedly is led by Dr. Burçin Gacal Özcan. Apart from increasing our students’ individual improvements in social areas, CAS also supports their participation to art, cultural and intellectual events by directing students’ time and energy to a positive creativity. Our unit not only welcomes communication but also evaluates all opinions and suggestions coming from clubs and moves towards institutionalization.

KSB Ekip

-Can we get information about students’ expectations of clubs?
Our students, in line with their subject of interest, carry out the activities in the subjects of culture, arts, sports and expertise via clubs. Clubs enable our students to realize their different abilities. Clubs do not only make students’ days in campus more amusing but also help developing sense of belonging to our university. In addition, they provide activities to ensure mental rehabilitation and support self-improvement.
We all know that the progress of a country can only be obtained by directing young dynamics in the most efficient way and raising happy individuals. Thus, although there are various clubs in various fields, we are ready to give necessary support to new clubs to be established.

Communication, Guidance, Coordination is Our Job
-What types of supports do you provide to the organizations as CAS?

Each and every event organized by our clubs is very important for us and any kind of problems that can occur in the organization are of great importance for us. Therefore, in each organization, our team as a whole works in coordination with the student clubs in the background. We try to meet our students’ demands in the organizations as much as possible. To name them:

Establishing Communication to get permissions before the event,

Establishing communication between clubs for the events that can be carried out jointly; Project and sponsorship mentoring for clubs in their organizations; leading our students to establish clubs based on their interests,

Establishing the required coordination for the clubs to represent our university in national and international events,

Providing the necessities of the quests hosted at our University.

-Can you talk about the clubs and what they do within CAS? How many clubs are there?
At our University, there are 50 expertise, 64 cultural-art and 30 sports clubs, so in total we have 144 clubs. Expertise clubs organize events to improve professional and technical areas. Cultural, art and sports clubs carry out sensational projects nationwide according to their subject of interest and ability.
-Which nationwide sensational events were conducted in 2015?
Many national and international exciting events were carried out throughout the year. Expertise, culture, arts and sports clubs did their best to represent ITU the best through their activities. Some of these achievements are:
Betül Kahya became European champion in Muay Thai sports and now she is preparing for World Championship.

American Football Team, ITU Hornets became the champion in 2014-2015 Super league of Turkish Universities (Unilig Super League).

Classic Bow Male-female- Mix team participated in two separate championships in 2015 and got good results.

Caving Club, by performing 2 syphon dives to Altınbeşik Cave explored the new section with Czech team. One of the 4 Turkish divers who passed the syphon of 5.2 km in length is from ITUMAK.

Also our clubs organized various events throughout the year, such as:
Western Music Club – Open Mic Event

Dance Club – 7th ITU Dance Festival

Humor Club – Conversation with Mesut Süre and İlker Gümüşoluk

Theatre Festival

Musical Society – Music Night

ITU Caving Club – International Reunion of Cave Photographers

Physics Engineering Club – Optic, Electro-optic and Photonic Congress

Preparation to Engineering Club – Civilcon.Otokon – ITURO

Electric Engineering Club – National Clean Energy Days

Epgik (Industrial Project Development) – Makinİstanbul

Chemistry Club – KIMBIS Meteorological Research Club – IAEC (International Atmospheric and Environmental Competition)

Industrial Engineering Club – 23. EMOS ITU Sector Days

Molecular Biology and Genetics Club - International ITU Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Congress

Environmental Engineering Club – Sustainable Ecosystem Days

Food Engineering Club – ITU Ship Engineering Club – R&D Ideas Competition

Management Engineering Club – Informatics Technologies Summit

Geophysics Engineering – IGSM (International Geodetic Student Meeting)

Investment Club - GOBI (Global Opportunities İn Business and Investment)

ITU İEEE Student Branch- Communications Week

Economy Club – EconsAcademy

Entrepreneur Club – Entrepreneur Camp


In 2015 we have been more institutionalized
-Did you fulfill your goals in 2015?

Steps towards institutionalization were taken the most in 2015. A club organization means combining lot of paradigm together and a small gap can affect the event negatively. We are actively communicating with our students to avoid problems in the events. We designed flyers to guide our students visually in order to make the works easier. We try our hardest as a partner to provide support to our clubs in very event our university organizes.
We are actively supporting and participating various organizations like ITU Graduation Ceremony, ITU Introduction Days, ITU Registration Days, ITU Day, ITU Fest and Human Resources Summit. In 2015-2016 academic year, Club Rejoicing was organized more professionally as Clubs Festival. The participation to the festival was high and a colorful organization was carried out. We have already started to work on our next festival. We are ready to listen to any suggestions coming from our students.
Furthermore, in order to make use of club members’ opinions more effectively, representation system has been started. Handling organizations, working together and solving problems will be easier with the representation system that provides more active communication and coordination. Organizational chart was finalized as: Harun Korkmazoğlu, representative of all clubs; Şiyba Bilgier and Kubilay Ersin Güler, representatives of Maslak Culture, Art and Opinion Clubs; Burak Birinci and Alperen Keleş, representatives of expertise clubs; A. Betül Kahya and Serkan Aslan, representatives of sports clubs; Gülce Tokyol, Gümüşsuyu representative; Türker Türkeköle, Maçka representative and Onur Kahverci, Conservatory representative.
-What are your goals in 2016? Can you talk about your projects?
We are working on moving our university’s vision forward nationally and internationally by more active communication with our clubs members in 2016. We are targeting to provide our students self-development of all kinds during their education period so that they would become individuals who have awareness of professional and artistic matters as well as contribute to the society at most. We are planning to organize more meetings and workshops with our clubs with the help of our representatives in 2016. Some of the projects we are going to carry out this year are:
The first interuniversity in Turkey “ITU Book Festival” will be organized jointly by Strategic Research Club and the representatives of Culture, Art and Opinion Clubs of CAS.
Field Tournament will be carried out in March with Entrepreneur Club and representatives of CAS.

With ITU Design Club, activities related to the Project “In-campus Habitats” which aims to transform the energy for design and innovative ideas into products and studies as a part of a festival are being intensively carried out.

Meteorological Research Club (METAR)-RETECH Team and CAS team are working on manufacturing charger unit with 20 telephone capacity using solar energy in the campus.
Additionally, we are going to organize self-development events for academic and administrative personnel within our university.

Personal Happiness supports Career
-Is there sufficient interest in culture-art clubs, especailly at a technical university?

Although it is a technical university, our students perform successfully in culture and art. It should be remembered that our lives cannot solely depend on business and economy. Activities adorning life and personal abilities are actually the most pleasant times of our lives. Our students can carry out events that enrich their lives through CAS clubs during their technical education. Completing professional and personal trainings successfully is actually an investment to their own future. Culture, art and sports clubs get attention as much as expertise clubs. 


-What is the importance of participating clubs in terms of career for students?
First of all, career selection, one of the most difficult choices in our lives, is completed after beginning the university. However, focusing only on the department one has chosen and walking away from culture, art and sports, may cause decrease in interest in his/her department in the long run. For this reason, we have to take advantage of facilities that can motive us while we are forming our career plan. People, who are not happy in their personal life, cannot improve career-wise.
-What message would you like to give to students about the clubs?
By choosing ITU, you are at the right place to have a qualified life in the future. You can raise your life quality and expectations in the future by using the resources of time and place you live in now effectively. As CAS family, we are ready to do our best to improve your social abilities by supporting your culture, art and sports life and guiding you in every event and project you want to carry out regarding clubs. We expect all our students to CAS to introduce our unit.
We are making arrangements as much as possible about the subjects our students encounter while organizing their activities in line with our work vision which welcomes all sort of innovation and opinions coming from you. Our work perspective, vision and mission are totally based on our students. We are expecting you to share all ideas that would change and develop us.
To contact CAS:
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