“No to Obstacles” Volunteers
Jan 21, 2016

“No to Obstacles Team”, one of the projects of ITU Volunteering Society which conducts various organizations to raise social sensitivity and awareness, has drawn attention for the activities they conducted for people with disabilities .

No to Obstacles Project Team within Volunteering Society has been implementing all its activities voluntarily. Volunteering students who aim to raise awareness in the society through their studies about people with disabilities attend to all types of disabled groups and try to show them that no obstacle is big enough to overcome.

Volunteering students whose purpose is to bring disabled and volunteers together in the same platform and create a social consciousness, regularly visit special schools for visually-impaired, hearing impaired and mental disabilities in Istanbul and organize special events for each disabled group. Within this context, they organize various workshops, conversation sessions, movie screening, preparation of audio books, sign language trainings with experts and fairs.

engeller durdurmasin ekip

“No to Autism for Swimming”

“No to Autism for Swimming” is the newest activity of the project volunteers who add another organization they conduct for every disabled group. Volunteer students teach swimming to autistic and mentally impaired children from Istanbul Practice and Training Center twice a week in ITU Olympic Swimming Pool and try to make children’s day better.