“Do Something for the World”
Jan 22, 2016

Prof. Orhan Kural, academic member of Mining Engineering Department of ITU Faculty of Mines compiled a book on environment and nature protection titled “Do Something for the World”.

Prof. Orhan Kural coining the motto “Let’s Save Our Planet Together” indicates the possibilty of living in a cleaner and more beautiful environment by taking littile steps and being more cautious. Kural offers some tips on how to protect nature and environment and explains what everyone can do for the planet and himself in a simple and comprehensible manner.
“It’s better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”(Confucius)

The author stresses in his book that we can prevent climate change and global warming by taking little steps in our daily lives at home, work and outside. We are given the answers to the question: “How Can We Save the World Together?” Moreover, the author gives us recommendations on how to deal with paper and electronic waste, plastic bottles and nylon, and how to use energy efficiently.
“Do Something To Save The World” book was published in more than six languages including Turkish, English, Spanish, French and Arabic. The book can be obtained from bookstores or online as an e-book version.

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