Our Academic Staff Member Presented “Woman Scientist of the Year” Award
Jan 22, 2016

Elele Avon Female Awards were presented during a ceremony held on Thursday, January, 14, 2016.

Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Assist. Prof. Elif Genceli Güner recieved the “Woman Scientist of the Year” award in the scope of 2015 “Elele Avon Woman Awards”.

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Assist. Prof. Elif Genceli was deemed worthy the award due to her scientific studies, discovery of two new molecules, new minerals explored in the Antarctic (Meridianiite and Ernstburkeite) and the patents obtained during the doctorate studies.

Assist. Prof. Elif Genceli competed in the final of the “Female Scientist of the Year” category with four female candidates while the awardees in music, writing, entrepreneurship, sport, art and social responsibility were chosen.

45 successful women and 5 inspiring men candidates competeted in 10 different categories during the event. The candidates, taken to the final by the public voting at “elele.com.tr” , were then evaluated by the jury consisting of Hülya Koçyiğit, Mehmet Y. Yılmaz, Ertuğrul Özkök, Nihat Odabaşı, Aret Vartanyan, Leyla Alaton, Esin Övet, Ayşe Arman and Ahmet Güneştekin.

We congratulate our academician, who represented our university at national and international levels, and wish her continued success.

Assist. Prof. Elif Genceli Güner:

Genceli-Güner was born in Istanbul in 1976. After the graduation from Istanbul Technical University she completed her Master’s degree working on the NATO project in cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2000.
She completed her doctorate degree at Delft Technical University in 2002. The topic of the dissertation is “Eutectic Freeze Crystallization method used for recycling of waste and process water and its desing application”. A more economical and ecological method proposed in the dissertation received the first prize from the Holland Process Technologies Association and was granted a patent for the crystallizer used in the process.
During her doctorate research Genceli-Güner discovered a new molecule (MgSO4∙11H2O) thus the mistake connected with the molecule existing in literature was corrected. The name of the mineral was approved by the commission of International Mineralogical Association and came to be used in literature under its official name “Meridianiite”.
She completed her doctorate degree with hononours at Process and Energy Department of Delft University of Technology in 2008 and recieved a funding by NWO-Holland (Organization for Scientific Research) for the Project “Examination of ice and mineral salts formed at zero and below zero degrees temperature levels”.
In 2009 Genceli-Güner received the first prize in the scientific research competetion held by JCI-Junior Chamber International. Later the same year she was granted an award by KNAW-Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences for the most Successful Doctorate Degree Research. Moreover, her doctorate dissertation was chosen the most successful research in the sphere of energy and was granted an award by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. She was the first female scientist to recieve the award in nine years.
In 2009 Elif Genceli started working at Delft University of Technology as an Assistant Professor. She has a number of awards including ‘The Most Successful Woman in Holland’ by Viva Journal (2010), ‘Turkish Woman of the Year in Holland’ organized in Brussels by Turkish Connection Platform (2013) and ‘Woman Scientist of the Year’ award by Elele-Avon (2016).
Genceli-Gurner discovered a new molecule (Mg(CH3SO3)2∙12H2O) while studying the crystallization process and proved its existence in in Antarctic ice cores thus introducing a new mineral. After the approval by IMA (IMA 2010-059) the mineral called “Ernstburkeite”officially came to be used in literature.
Genceli-Güner has been successfully representing Turkish science in the international arena thanks to her numerous achievements including Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC) technique used for water recycling processes, discovery of two new minerals and hard in the laboratory work under low temperature conditions falling below -50°C.
Chemical Engineering Department Assist. Prof. Genceli-Güner, board member of ITU Polar Research Center, has been working at Istanbul Technical University since April, 2014.